I received a group of visitors from Kelantan today. (I had not met them before.)

One of them asked me what I thought about what Sri Ram said (that I should not dabble in politics) recently. I replied.

1. What about an ex-Federal Court Judge who is appointed a DPP by PH Government to decide whether Najib should be charged and acts as Nijib’s prosecutor? All I did was to give my comments on the number of votes obtained by the various parties. Which is worse?

2. When Tun Sallah Abas retired and stood for election on PKR ticket against Sharizat, nobody said anything. Then he stood for election on PAS ticket in Terengganu and became an Exco Member. Nobody said anything. I don’t join any party or stand for election. Which is worse?

3. If Mahathir can change, Waytha Moorthy can change, why can’t I? I was apolitical when I was in service. I became a political observer after I have retired. I am the people too.

Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad

29 11 2018

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