My first website (tunabdulhamid.my) was created at the suggestion and assistance of the highest ranking government officer (the Chief Secretary to the Government) at one time. Somehow, he liked my speeches and wished that they could be shared by others. Its success is beyond imagination. At the same time, as my health is on the decline, I was getting worried about what would happen to it when I am no longer around or even if I just lost contact with the officer who has been helping me to maintain it, albeit voluntarily.

Then, on 27th February 2015, I received an email from a stranger who introduced himself as a man in his thirties. He said that after reading my articles and speeches in my website, he realised how much he owed to Malaysia and as a mark of gratitude, he offered to improve my website free of charge so that it could be more easily accessible and shared by others. I invited him to my house. We discussed and I decided to create this second website (tunabdulhamid.me), as an alternative website for my honoured guests.

I can only attribute this to the intervention of Allah s.w.t. as in the first website and many other times in my life when I am worried or desperate.

My only wish is that this and my first websites will be accepted by Allah s.w.t. as my “amal jariah” and, even long after I am gone, will continue to benefit the ummah and that everyone who helps to create, maintain and promote them will be blessed by Allah s.w.t. for his or her contribution.

If my first website was launched on my 70th birthday, this website is launched on my 73rd birthday.

Salam to all my honoured guests. I leave my email address in case you wish to get in touch with me while I am still around, by the grace of Allah s.w.t. If we don’t meet in this world, perhaps we will meet in the next.

Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad
18th April 2015

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